LED Fridge Light Bulbs: Does It Work?

LED lighting has caught on and so gradually all the old lamps in the household are being converted to LEDs. In many refrigerators there are still conventional lamps, which you would also like to convert to LED. Here you can find out whether LED refrigerator lamps are available at all and what you need to consider.

LED bulb for refrigerator

When your refrigerator lamp burns out it is a good opportunity to replace the defective bulb with a modern LED lamp. These last much longer and also consume less energy than the old bulbs. This is a great advantage for most lamps in the household. But what about refrigerator lighting?

Are there LED refrigerator bulbs available?

LED bulbs are not suitable for all temperature ranges. But the common temperature of 40 degrees in most refrigerators is not a problem for LED technology. There are various versions of LED refrigerator lamps available on the market.

Does the coldness damage the LED?

An LED bulb consists of several components. These include the LED chip as well as the driver and other electronics. These are thermosensitive semiconductor components. But low temperatures are an advantage here and even ensures a better efficiency of the LED.

So the ambient temperature of 40 degrees is perfect for LED bulbs. From a technical point of view nothing stands in the way of switching the light source to LED. The situation is different at high ambient temperatures, where LEDs quickly reach their limits. This is why there are no LED oven lamps.

What’s important when choosing a refrigerator bulb?

A defective light bulb in the refrigerator can be replaced with little effort with a suitable LED bulb. You should pay attention to the following points:

Which base does the refrigerator bulb have?

The LED bulb must fit into the socket integrated in the refrigerator. Most refrigerator lamps have an A15 lamp base. In addition, you should also pay attention to the shape of the glass bulb, so that the lamp will fit under the cover in your refrigerator. Round or cylindrical bulb shapes are most common.

What is the power of the bulb?

Conventional refrigerator bulbs are available with a power between 10 and 40 watts. Refrigerators with only one light source often have 15 to 40 watts installed. Units with two light sources usually have 10 to 15 watt bulbs installed. A 25 watt incandescent bulb can be replaced with a 3 watt LED.

You can convert the exact wattage of your old bulb into lumens here.

Which light color in the refrigerator?

The Kelvin value determines the light color of the refrigerator bulb. An LED bulb with 2700K shines warm white, a lamp with 6000K shines in cold white light. You should choose this light color according to your personal taste.


The cool ambient temperature is no problem for refrigerator lighting with LED technology. Due to the short lighting time, it would not make much sense to retrofit an incandescent lamp that is still in good condition to save electricity. But as a replacement for a burnt-out bulb an LED refrigerator lamp makes sense. With the above tips, you can find the right LED bulb for your refrigerator.