Power Consumption Calculator for Your Lamps

Every lamp has a certain energy consumption during operation. It doesn’t matter whether you use a conventional light source or an LED lamp. But how high is this power consumption exactly? And what are the electricity costs when the lamp is on for x hours a day? Here you will find a simple online tool to calculate the power consumption and energy costs of your lamps.

What’s the Energy Consumption of a Lamp?

Perhaps you are about to switch to LED technology or would like to know how much power a lamp consumes every day. To calculate the energy consumption for a lamp, you need the following information:

  • Power in Watts
  • Burn Time per Day
  • Optional: Electricity Costs in kWh

The power consumption is calculated from the electrical power multiplied by the burning time of the lamp. It must be taken into account that, for example, living room lighting is switched on longer in the winter months than in the summer. For this purpose, you can assume an average value for the calculation.

How much are the electricity costs?

Optionally, the result can be multiplied by the electricity price per kilowatt hour to calculate the actual electricity costs of your lamp. The following online calculator will help you.

Power Consumption Calculator

After entering the parameters, electricity consumption and electricity costs are calculated per day, month and year. In addition, you can also enter the number of lamps to calculate the result for a luminaire with several bulbs.

Lamp Power Consumption Calculator
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Power Consumption for LED or Incandescent Bulb?

The calculator always requires the electrical power in watts as input value. Thus, the tool works for all lamps regardless of the used technology.

Power Consumption or Energy Consumption?

The words electricity consumption and electricity costs are used rather colloquially. Strictly speaking, it means the energy consumption and the incurred energy costs.


Before switching to LED or even in other situations, it is interesting to calculate the power consumption and electricity costs of your own lighting. After that, you will know if the replacement is really worth it or what the permanent switched on light costs in a year. With the above online calculator you can easily perform these calculations.