About LampHQ

The Future of Light

Old lighting technologies such as incandescent lamps, halogen lamps and energy-saving lamps are obsolete. LED technology offers an incredible number of advantages and has established itself in many areas of life. However, the many possibilities have also made the new technology much more complex. When purchasing LED luminaires and illuminants you have to consider many things in order not to be disappointed afterwards.

The Mission

I am an electrical engineer and will help you to understand the often complex topics in the field of LED technology. Even though my main job is not in this area, I have been working intensively with LED technology for several years. On this magazine I would like to share my knowledge and practical experience from my own conversion to LED lighting with other people.

The Beginning of LampHQ.com

After moving, I switched the entire household to LED lights. Since then I have been working intensively on all aspects of LED lighting. At the same time I became aware of the complexity of the new technology over and over again. With the old light sources, little thought had to be given to topics such as dimmability, color temperature, switching cycles, lumens per watts or color rendering index.

During my own research on these topics I came across mainly scientific articles. Fortunately, due to my professional background, understanding was not a problem. However, I also often came across contributions from people with less technical affinity who received incorrect advice in the store or were unable to interpret the manufacturer’s information correctly. They were disappointed by the LED technology.

Friends and colleagues also asked me for advice on LED topics. So I decided to create the magazine LampHQ.com. Here I would like to write down my findings and explain all LED topics as simply as possible. The magazine is a hobby project and I will extend it step by step with all important topics in the field of LED lighting.

Acknowledgements and Questions

I regularly receive messages from people who thank me for the helpful articles. That pleases me and motivates to write more helpful articles. At the same time, I also receive many questions about individual advice when buying lamps. Basically I try to answer all messages. However, please note that due to time limitations I cannot offer comprehensive advice by email.