About LampHQ

LampHQ was founded in 2018 to share professional lighting advice and inspiration for residential lighting. We help home and apartment owners/renters to understand all aspects of modern LED lighting technology. Additionally we provide lighting ideas to make your rooms shine bright.

The Future of Light

Old lighting technologies such as incandescent lamps, halogen lamps or compact fluorescent lights are obsolete. LED technology has an incredible number of advantages and has established itself in many areas of life.

But at the same time the new technology has become much more complex. When purchasing LED luminaires and illuminants you have to consider many details in order to not be disappointed afterwards.

The Story of LampHQ

After moving, I decided to switch the entire home to LED lights. At this time I became aware of the complexity of the new LED technology over and over again. With the old light sources, only little thought was necessary for details like dimmability, color temperature, switching cycles, lumens per watts or color rendering index.

Due to my professional background as an electrical engineer I was able to figure out all these details to setup the right LED lights for every room. From then on friends and colleagues also asked me for advice on LED topics.

I noticed at this time there was only little information available online. Only some scientific articles which were hard to understand for the normal homeowner. So I decided to create an online magazine to share all my lighting knowledge and practical experience. A headquarter of lighting advice. This is were LampHQ.com was born.

It all started as a side hustle and evolved into a major project with thousands of visitors every month. I now have a small team that helps me maintaining the site. But I still write most of the articles myself as I enjoy it to help people find their right lights.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the site.