Lumens To Kelvin Conversion – Is That Even Possible?

Can you convert lumens to kelvin? Or kelvin to lumens? No, that is not possible! Therefore there is no “lumens to kelvin calculator”. Here you can find out what the terms Kelvin and Lumens are all about and why you have to look at both values separately.

A frequently asked question

We have been asked several times by our readers how to convert between lumens and kelvin. The most frequently asked questions were:

  • How can you convert lumens to kelvin?
  • Is there a formula to convert kelvin to lumens?
  • Will there be a lumens kelvin calculator on the website?
What's the short answer?

A conversion between lumens and kelvin is not possible. Both terms are not directly related. Therefore, it is not possible to derive one value from the other one.

A common mistake

The above questions occur frequently. The reason for this is certainly the high complexity of LED lighting. Here it is important to pay attention to many details in order not to be disappointed after the lamp purchase. If you haven’t been working with LED lights for so long, the many terms could overwhelm you. Below you will find an explanation of kelvin and lumens and why you have to look at them independently.

What do the terms mean?


Lumen is the physical unit for the luminous flux of an LED lamp and describes its brightness.

Therefore there is no kelvin to lumens conversion

The light color has nothing to do with the brightness of a light source. In principle, there are both dark and bright LED lights with every imaginable color temperature. Therefore a direct conversion from kelvin to lumens or vice versa is not reasonable or possible.

One reason for the frequently assumed connection between lumens and kelvin is the fact that cold light colors appear brighter with the same lumen value. However, this is due to our perception and does not represent a relation between the two physical units.

Useful conversion

However, with conventional light sources, there is a direct correlation between brightness and electrical power consumption. Lumens can easily be converted into watts there. This is particularly helpful when old light sources should be replaced by modern LED technology. To get an orientation for the required brightness of an LED light, the lumens to watts calculator will help you.


Now you are aware that there is no conversion between kelvin and lumens possible. They are two physical units with no direct relationship. The kelvin value describes the color temperature of an LED light. The lumens value describes the brightness of an LED light source or a luminaire.