Lumen Calculator for every Room

How to calculate the lumen value for individual rooms? Since the introduction of LED technology, the lumen specification has played a central role in the illumination of living spaces. But every room is unique, so the luminous flux in lumens must be calculated individually for each room. In this article you will find a practical lumen calculator for common living spaces.

Calculate Lumens per Room

The lumen value plays a major role when planning the lighting for your home. Lumen is the unit for the luminous flux emitted by a light source into the room. Each luminaire should be selected with care so that it produces the appropriate lumens for each of your rooms.

Switching from Old Lighting Technology?

If you want to convert existing luminaires with incandescent or halogen lamps to LED technology, you can use the wattage of the old lamps as a guide. With the help of the Lumen Watt Calculator you can easily calculate the required lumens.

LED Lumen Calculator

The total luminous flux for a room is calculated by the room size and the desired brightness in lumens per square feet. The lumen calculator helps you with this calculation. Here you can choose between common brightness recommendations for individual rooms or enter your own values.

Lumen per Room Calculator
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Lumen Recommendations

In the following table you will find some recommendations how many lumens per square feet and room are useful.


With this lumen calculator you can easily calculate the light requirements for individual rooms. Please note, that this method can only be used to calculate approximate values. In practice, there are many other factors, such as the reflection behavior in the room or the condition of walls and floors, which can influence the real impression of the actual brightness.