LED Lights Power Saving Calculator – Check Your Energy Costs

You can read about the good economy and efficiency of LED lights in many places. But how much is the real cost saving compared to old light sources? What electricity costs can be saved annually? There is no general answer about this question. With our online calculator you can calculate the exact savings for your use case.

LED Energy Cost Savings

Old light sources such as incandescent lamps and halogen lights have had their time. LED technology is mature now and offers numerous advantages. In particular, these include good efficiency and low energy consumption. The purchase costs for LED lamps are higher than for old light sources, but their lifespan is much longer.

It depends mostly on burn time how quickly an LED lamp pays for itself. Living room lights for example are probably switched on much longer each day than the storage room lights. The burn time of different lamps is completely individual of course and depends on your own habits and the number of people in your household.

With the LED power savings calculator you can calculate how much you can save with an LED lamp compared to your old lamps. This way you can find out how quickly the LED lamp pays for itself for your individual use case.

LED Savings Calculator

The online calculator is filled out with sample values. Enter your individual values and details in the corresponding fields before pressing the calculate button.

LED Power Savings Calculator

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General Information

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Tips for the Online Calculator

In order to get an exact result with the LED energy saving calculator, the entered values must be as exact as possible. The following values must be entered for your old lamp and the new LED lamp:

  • Power rating
  • Purchase price
  • Lifespan

For the old lamp, the power rating is the most important input value. Normally you will find it on the light source itself. In most cases you want to calculate the savings for a certain LED lamp model. The three values of the selected LED lamp should be entered exactly from the product description.

The following general information is also necessary:

  • Electricity Rate
  • Burn time
  • Quantity

The electricity rate is the kilowatt-hour rate. You will find it in your electricity bill. The burn time means how many hours the lamp is switched on per day. You should bear in mind that many lights in the household have a longer burn time per day in the dark winter months than in the light season. Here you have to find out an average value.

The quantity refers to the number of lamps whose savings are to be calculated. This function will be useful to calculate the cost savings of several lamps of the same type. This can be helpful, to calculate the savings of a luminaire with several lamps or a certain number of identical spotlights.


With the LED energy saving calculator you can easily calculate the cost savings when switching to LED lamps and luminaires. So you can compare the saving opportunities for different LED models with each other. The calculator will help you to decide whether it makes sense to convert to LEDs.