LED Oven Light Bulbs: Does It Work With The Heat?

The LED technology has become established and one would like to change the entire household to LED lamps. At some point, the time comes when you also want to replace the oven lamp with an LED bulb. Here you can find out if LED oven bulbs are available at all.

LED oven bulb

Whenever an old light bulb or halogen lamp burns out it is a good opportunity to replace the broken lamp with an LED bulb. LED bulbs have a long life and much lower energy consumption than the traditional bulbs. For residential lighting there are dozens of LED replacements available. And you might expect there could be LED oven bulbs as well.

Are there LED oven bulbs available?

It may sound surprising, but there are currently no LED bulbs for the oven. The reason for this is the lack of temperature resistance of LED bulbs. An oven has temperatures of up to 500 degrees. Current LED bulbs cannot withstand this heat and would burn out very quickly. On the other hand, LED bulbs for the refrigerator are naturally not a problem.

How heat resistant are LEDs?

An LED bulb consists of several components. These include the LED chip as well as the driver and other electronics. These are semiconductor components that react very thermosensitively. At temperatures above 160 degrees it becomes critical and luminous efficacy and lifetime rapidly decreases.

For industrial applications there are special LED lights for ambient temperatures up to about 250 degrees. But then the upper end of the temperature scale is reached. Unfortunately, this value is still far from sufficient for an oven. That’s why you still have to do use traditional incandescent bulbs in the oven.

What’s important for an oven lamp?

Now that it is clear that there are no LED bulbs for the oven, the only option is to use a normal oven lamp. Here you need to pay attention to the following points:

What is the base of the oven bulb?

In order for the bulb to fit into the socket of your oven, it must have the correct lamp base. Most oven lamps have an A15 or G45 screw base, while some models require a G4 or G9 pin base. In addition, you should also pay attention to the shape of the glass bulb, so that the lamp will fit under the cover in the oven. Round or cylindrical bulb shapes are most common here.

What is the power of the bulb?

The usual oven bulbs come in wattages ranging from 15 to 40 watts. Ovens with only one light source usually have 25 or 40 watts. Ovens with two light sources often have 15 watt bulbs. With a replacement bulb, you should choose the same wattage as it was previously installed.

Is the bulb temperature resistant?

The bulb must be rated for the high ambient temperature in the oven. Make sure the bulb is labeled as an oven bulb or temperature resistant up to 500 degrees.


Due to the low heat resistance, there are currently no LED oven lamps on the market. So the oven remains one of the few places where conventional incandescent lamps must be used. But due to the low operating times, there would hardly be any energy savings here anyway. With the above tips, you can find the right replacement bulb for your oven.