Is Recessed Lighting Outdated in the 21st Century?

Recessed lighting will never be outdated. The style, sizes, and finishes of recessed lighting may change, but recessed lights are here to stay. Recessed lights have far too many advantages to suggest that they will become outdated or phase out. In this article I will show you why.

Is Recessed Lighting Out Of Style?

Recessed lighting has been part of the building and design industry for several years, and whether they are out of style is more a question of personal taste. Some designers and homeowners still consider recessed lights a timeless classic. In contrast, others may prefer more modern, contemporary, or even retro-style light fittings.

Recessed lights offer versatility in style and size and can be customized to fit all styles and preferences. Recess lights are hidden. They enhance the ambiance of any room and can be installed in the ceiling, on walls, and even on the floor.

Is Recessed Lighting Timeless?

Recessed lights are aesthetically pleasing and timeless and offer several other advantages. Recessed lighting illuminates a whole room and not only parts of the room when placed and spaced correctly.

Since recessed lighting does not protrude from the ceiling allowing moisture to damage their workings, they are ideal lighting options for wet areas such as decks, showers, and porches.

timeless recessed lighting in living room

Recessed lights take up little visual space, making rooms feel more extensive and airy. Properly installed recessed lights last for decades without needing maintenance, except for the occasional bulb change. The versatility of recessed lighting allows for creative lighting options.

Is Recessed Lighting Still Trendy?

LED-styled recessed lights are very much on trend. Recessed lighting is an excellent choice if you desire a more hidden, low-profile look.

Recessed lighting that still uses incandescent lights is replaced with more power-efficient LED lamps that not only save on electricity but last much longer than traditional lights and, in addition, require much less maintenance.

How Do You Modernize Recessed Lighting?

Many older recessed lighting installations still use incandescent light bulbs, which are more expensive than modern LEDs.

Upgrading or modernizing recessed lighting is made affordable and more user-friendly by offering different fittings and trimmings, allowing you to keep up with modern trends and styles where lighting is concerned.

The most accessible and affordable way to modernize recessed lighting is to replace old, yellowed lights with modern, power-saving LEDs.

  • Switch off electricity in your breaker box
  • Use a ladder to reach the recessed light and unscrew the old bulb.
  • Next, remove the baffle by locating the two small springs inside the baffle.
  • Pull up and out on the baffle springs to remove the baffle inside the light.
  • You will need to remove the light trim by simply pulling it off the ceiling.
  • Now, screw the LED adapter into the light bulb socket.
  • To hold the light in place, you need to squeeze the spring hinges on the LED light and insert them into the clips in the recessed light can.
  • The next step is to press the light into the ceiling, and voila, a brand-new, trendy, stylish recessed light is at your disposal.
  • Finally, repeat the above steps to replace all the recessed lights.

Does Recessed Lighting Add Any Value?

Apart from being a popular feature for buyers, builders, and designers, recessed lights are great energy savers, adding more value and making your property more desirable for potential buyers.

Is Recessed Lighting Good?

Recessed lighting is a good choice for lighting up small rooms since they do not add clutter to an already small and possibly darker room. In addition, recessed lights are excellent for use in low ceilings since they sit flush with the ceiling.

Suppose you prefer a minimalistic look in your home. In that case, recessed lights can perfectly light up your space with ambient light. Draw attention to an art or unique piece of furniture using a kimble recessed light. Install a task recessed light above a workspace or desk for adequate lighting.

The wide variety of recessed lighting allows anyone to decorate their homes, offices, attics, and garages. Recessed lights need not only be installed in the ceiling. Create a dramatic effect by installing recessed lights in your room’s walls and floors and let the imagination flow.

modern recessed lights

Landscapers and architects often use recessed lighting around gardens and buildings to highlight interesting features, plants, and trees. Recessed lights are good lighting options and will remain with us for many years.

Is Recessed Lighting Expensive?

Recessed lighting is more expensive to fit than basic hanging light fixtures or traditional surface-mounted light fixtures. Recessed lights require a canister enclosure that holds the bulb and socket, a metal frame, and a built-in wire connection box through which the fixture connects to the circuit wiring.

The initial cost of installing recessed lights may be more expensive than traditional lighting fittings. However, suppose homeowners opt for using residential LEDs. In that case, they will find they use at least seventy-five percent less energy than traditional incandescent lights.

In addition, LEDs last twenty-five times longer than traditional incandescent lighting, making recessed lighting fitted with LEDs outperform traditional lights by a long shot.

Popular Places To Install Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights are versatile. The most popular places for installing recessed lights are closets, kitchens, and living rooms. Recessed lights are evenly spaced throughout the room, on the ceiling, wall, or floors, making it easier to light up the space evenly.

When a home’s lighting is done correctly, it combines functionality with style, which not only enhances the house’s appeal but also enhances the mood of the environment, warmly welcoming friends, visitors, and family into your space.

Recessed Lighting Trends

Lighting is a significant part of interior designing. Gone are the days of a single light lighting a room. Different lighting options allows for incorporating stunning lighting designs. Modern interiors require different layers of lighting.

Recessed lighting can be used to create different layers of lighting. Combining recessed lights with other types of designer lights will add more dimension and a modern feel to your home. Combining layers of light requires a combination of art and science.

The science part of lighting a room refers to the functionality and layers of lighting in the room while the art part is the way the lighting designs makes people feel when entering the room. When art and science come together your home can be lit in glorious artistic ways, turning a house into a home.