What Means 6500K Light?

You probably heard of a 6500K light. But what does this 6500K actually mean? The K stands for Kelvin which is the measurement unit for color temperature. These light colors range from yellow to white. The 6500K light is mostly used to replace natural daylight. The color of light produced by the white bulb appears blue-ish to imitate the daylight. Read on to find out the details about 6500K lights.

About 6500K lights

The specialty about 6500K lights is it’s light color which is very close to the natural daylight. This is indicated by the high number of 6500. The K (Kelvin) is the SI unit to measure the color temperature. Lower values with about 2700K would produce yellow light. The higher the kelvin value the whiter the produced light is.

If you are looking for cool white lighting, 6500K is the light to go for. This light can be used in different places, such as the kitchen, where you need to focus on the tasks you are working on for efficiency. The 6500K lights are used in the garage and as security lighting. They are also used in boutiques and shops for quality displays of products. They are also installed in office spaces to have a good focus while working without getting tired.

Characteristics of 6500K Lights

The following characteristics will help you understand more about the 6500K light and purchase the right ones.

Color Rendering Index (CRI)

The Color Rendering Index (CRI) is used to measure the light’s ability to disclose the right color of different objects in relation to the daylight source. When getting a 6500K daylight, choose a CRI of 95 to offer the quality of light you want. This type of CRI will assure you of the accuracy of objects.

Quantity of Light

6500K lights have a high radiant level. The measure of illuminance is tested on the amount of light reflected on the plane surface. The light level required will depend on where you are using your 6500K light. In general, the minimum required level is about 500 lux. Lux is the SI unit for illuminance level.

To create a peaceful and cozy environment at your workplace, you can consider getting 1000 lux because it offers quality light. It can be challenging to get bulbs that have high lux compared to the daylight. This is because the natural light lux is between 10000 lux and 100000 lux.

Purpose of 6500K

Understanding what you want to use the light for is very important. Not every task requires 6500K light. For example, when you are in the living room or bedroom, you may need a warm light instead. Photographers and artists need to use the 6500K light to ensure they have the right lighting system.

6500K lights are very good for all areas which require a high concentration and focus. This can be office spaces or other industrial areas and even your garage and your kitchen at home. Many other rooms and applications like applying makeup require warmer lights which fells more comfortable and cozy.

These alternatives range between 2700K and 4000K. They appear yellowish and are more relaxing. This type of lighting is used mostly in the living room and bedroom where you want to have a comfortable atmosphere.

Full Range of The Lights

When purchasing 6500K lights you must understand the spectrum of the light. This is because the color of the light emitted may vary from one light to the other. Even though the UV and the wavelength may be the same, considering the color is also essential. It is also essential that you consider the color code described because it may be close to 6500K light but not the exact color of the natural light.


Considering the lumen is very important before the 6500K light purchase. Lumen is all about the brightness of the light. When you want to get brighter light, you need to ensure the bulb has a higher lumen output. It’s more reliable to consider the lumen output of the bulb instead of the wattage. For the traditional light bulbs the wattage was a good indicator for the brightness but for LED lighting the lumen value is the important factor.


The 6500K light bulbs can use different wattage depending on the type of bulb you are using. For example, you can have a fluorescent lamp socket of 36watts. It is crucial to ensure you understand the different wattage of 6500K light so that you may know how much energy is being used by the bulbs at different times.

But today we would recommend to get a 6500K light with LED technique. These can offer the same quality of daylight output but are far more energy-efficient. To find the right wattage for your new 6500K LED you can also use our calculator to convert between lumens and watts.

Difference Between Cooler Light and Warm Light

Cooler light gives a mix of artificial and natural daylight

This type of combination is beneficial to artists, especially the painters. For example, if a painter wanted to continue with his work in a different room and he was using the near north facing window earlier in the day, then the 6500K bulb will give the same lighting to the artist. This is because the 6500K bulb is related to the north light, one of the best lines in drawing and painting.

Cooler lights are used in the commercial application

Offices should be designed in a way to give the workers the right working environment. In existing buildings the lighting is mostly done by fluorescent bulbs. Here 6500K bulbs are often a good solution due to their resemblance of the daylight.

Warm light is not preferable in the working environment because they tend to make people relax, which may lower the productivity of individuals. The 6500K light bulbs create a cheerful and more energy feeling.

Cooler lights are great Performers

As compared to other types of light, the 6500K light has excellent performance, and you can switch them on and off whenever you need to without affecting their quality.

Variety of Designs

The different varieties of 6500K lights help individuals to choose based on their preferences. For example, you can get chandelier fluorescent bulbs. The different types of lights may also depend on where you are using them.


  • 6500K lights are affordable
  • LED bulbs are of high quality, making them durable
  • 6500K LED lights consume less energy
  • Environment-friendly lights without harmful materials
  • The lights are easy to install.


  • Not everyone likes the white color of 6500K lights
  • After some time, the bulb may produce less light


Understanding the different characteristics of 6500K light is very important when purchasing to get the right product. Understanding the cooler temperature, the lux, lumen, and the wattage is essential. Light bulbs with 6500K will give you a daylight feeling in your home or office. You probably won’t like this blue-ish light in your living room. But for all work related tasks it gives a good energy feeling and helps to keep your focus.