LED Star Light Projectors: Very Cool Light Effects

With LED star lights you get beautiful light effects into your home. The many small lights can create beautiful effects. An illuminated starry sky is a great decorative lighting for many rooms. Here you can learn everything about the different variants from the special LED ceiling lamp with star effects to the well-known sky light projectors.

LED starry sky: dreamlike light effects

Do you also remember looking into the sky at a clear night? All planets create dreamlike constellations in infinite space. You can get this impressive feeling with a starry sky lighting in your own home. You can switch on the LED stars at any time. Depending on the room, you can use the illuminated starry sky both as a decorative light and as the main lighting.

Star light variants

To make the stars shine on your ceiling, there are several options available. Thanks to LED technology, you can easily install many small light points on the ceiling, which imitate the stars. Likewise, by fiber optics, the light can be directed from a central light source to the stars. Projection with a starry sky projector is also possible. These are the common options:

  • Ceiling light with star effects
  • Small starry sky recessed spotlight
  • Central lamp with many glass fibers
  • Starry sky panels
  • Star light projectors

Ceiling light with star effects

Here you will find a presentation of each variant. This section describes the self-luminous starry sky lamps. These are mounted on the ceiling and emit direct light.

Starlight ceiling lamp

LED ceiling lights with built-in starlight effect are the easiest way to bring a starry sky into your room. Here, you can simply replace the existing ceiling light with an LED light with star decor. Many of these lights have their own remote control, which allows you to control the brightness of the lamp and, in some models, the light color from the comfort of your sofa.

Only slight star effects

Compared to other starry sky lights, the starlight effect of these lamps is only very slight. The luminous stars are usually only visible directly on the cover of the lamp. A real starry sky on the ceiling is not visible.

Starry sky mini spots

Mini spots are basically small LED recessed spotlights. They have a rather small diameter and come with low power. In return, the compact LED spots are installed in a larger number per area than normal recessed lights. Many starry sky sets include 16 or more LEDs and a transformer. These can be installed at any distance, for example, in a suspended ceiling.

Many spots necessary for star effect

Each mini-spot corresponds to a single luminous star. For a beautiful starry sky effect, a certain number of light spots should be used. The LED stars should also not be mounted too far from each other.

Fiberglass starry sky

A very beautiful starry sky can be achieved with a LED fiber optic set. This comes with a central light source, which is hidden in the wall or ceiling. A large number of optical fibers are connected to it. A small point of light is created at the end of each fiber. Many of the fiber optic starry skies have their own remote control, with allows adjusting the brightness and light color conveniently.

Great star effect due to many light points

Most of the LED fiber optic starry skies have several hundred light fibers. These are easy to install and fix on the ceiling. Due to the very large number of light points, this variant creates a very realistic starry sky effect.

Starry sky panel

A starry sky panel is a mostly rectangular panel that already has a large number of luminous stars integrated. This can be many individual LEDs as well as a fiber optic solution. The panels are available in different sizes and can be easily hung on the ceiling. They are usually ready to be connected, which means that only a small installation effort is required.

Very beautiful star effect

Many starry sky panels have several hundred luminous stars by LEDs or fiber optics, which are mounted at suitable intervals in the panel. This creates a beautiful starry sky effect.

Starry sky light projectors

A starry sky light projector can create a great starlight effect on the ceiling. Unlike the starry sky lamps described above, an LED projector provides indirect light. With this variant, no LED stars or light guides need to be attached to the ceiling. The projector is placed in the room and projects the starry sky onto the ceiling via it’s optics.

In addition to the star mode, most starry sky projectors have a variety of other lighting effects such as patterns or water waves. Motion effects of the projected sky are also possible. The operation of the light programs is usually done via a remote control.

Many effects but little starry sky

A starry sky light projector can create versatile light effects. However, the starlight effect is not quite comparable to the starry sky lamps. The projection here illuminates the entire ceiling over a large area. So it is not completely dark between the luminous stars. This basic brightness makes a projector more suitable as a party light.

Build starry sky yourself

You can also build a starry sky light yourself and install it in any room in your home. Depending on the circumstances, effort and budget, various options are available.

Star effect with little effort

The easiest way to create a small starry sky effect is to use a starlight ceiling light. However, with this variant, the luminous stars can only be seen directly on the cover of the luminaire. A real starry sky on the ceiling is hardly created.

Installation on the ceiling

A really realistic star effect can be achieved with a fiberglass starry sky. For this purpose a thin wooden panel can be used as a support. Holes are drilled in the board at the desired distances and the end of the glass fiber is pushed through. After assembly, the finished panel is attached to the ceiling.

Suspended ceiling

A suspended ceiling is perfect for installing small starry sky spots. Holes are drilled in the ceiling at the desired distances and the mini spots are inserted. Alternatively, the stars can also be created by a fiber optic set. Here, only very small holes need to be drilled to push through the end of the fiber optics.

How bright should the sky be?

Often LED starry skies are used as decorative lighting. In that case, the brightness of the LED stars may be lower than if the sky is to be used as basic lighting. To determine the power in lumens or watts, you can refer to the examples of room illumination.


A starry sky light on the ceiling creates a really great atmosphere. Thanks to the LED technology, the stars can be imitated with many small light points on the ceiling. Now you know the different LED starry sky lamps and projectors. With them you can create a beautiful starry sky with dreamlike constellations, depending on the room and the condition of your ceiling.