Recessed Lighting Diffuser: How To Improve Your Lights?

Recessed lighting is commonly used in homes and provides a good amount of light. But in some cases this lighting is harsh on your eyes and doesn’t provide the soft illumination that most people are looking for. A diffuser helps you to soften your recessed lights and make them feel more cozy.

How Does A Recessed Lighting Diffuser Improve Your Lights?

A recessed lighting diffuser diffuses or spreads light, making bright light softer. Using a lighting diffuser also eliminates glare and is easier on your eyes. Recessed lights may not come with a diffuser, but they can be purchased separately to improve the quality of light emitted by your recessed lights.

A diffuser on recessed lights is essentially a translucent sheet made of glass or plastic that goes over the center of the light fixture and changes the quality and harshness of the light emitted. Diffusers can help improve the shadows created by recessed lighting and improve the overall ambiance of a room.

quadratic diffuser installed over recessed light
Diffusers are often used in bedrooms to soften the light

While many light diffusers are cost-effective, you want to purchase a premium quality light diffuser to soften LED and fluorescent lights. Many cheap diffusers can turn yellow, crack, fade and become brittle over time and choosing premium lighting is a worthwhile investment.

How To Diffuse Light From Recessed Lights?

If you’ve already installed recessed lights, but they didn’t come with a diffuser, you can add a diffuser to them to improve the quality of your lights.

Diffusers can be purchased from most home improvement and lighting stores but can be challenging to install. Instead of installing diffusers, some people opt to change the bulbs instead, choosing bulbs that emit a softer light.

The most challenging part of installing diffusers is that recessed lights are installed into the ceiling. A hole is cut into the roof, and the recessed lights are fitted. This leaves little room for additional fixtures, including diffusers, and makes installing anything else tricky.

Diffusers come in a range of materials, and the most widely used include the following:


Plastic light diffusers are cost-effective, widely used, and withstand relatively high temperatures. Plastic diffusers can fade over time but are cheap enough to replace.


Gels are not commonly used on recessed lighting fixtures and are more suitable for LED lights in photoshoots. Gel diffusers may be a good option if you want a permanent solution and not necessarily looking to add a physical fixture to your recessed lights.


Diffusers made from fabric create incredible lighting but are much more costly than plastic diffusers. Fabric diffusers are more likely to fade over time, and the fibers of some materials may not handle the heat from the lights very well.


Glass diffusers are elegant and another popular choice for many homeowners. Glass diffusers are a bit more costly than acrylic and plastic diffusers and can be prone to shattering and fading over time.


Acrylic is one of the best options for diffusing light. Acrylic is resistant to breaking, easy to customize, and softens harsh light.

The most practical, cost-effective, and durable types of diffusers are acrylic diffusers. There are several reasons why acrylic diffusers are preferred over any other type of diffuser.

recessed light with acrylic diffuser
Acrylic diffuser installed over recessed light

Acrylic diffusers can last many years and are not prone to shattering like glass diffusers. They are resistant to scratching and emit more light than other fixtures, which may drown out your recessed lighting.

These diffusers are versatile and customizable. You can find or custom-make any acrylic diffuser that will compliment your lighting, home, and decor.

Benefits Of Using A Recessed Lighting Diffuser?

Recessed lighting diffusers come with many benefits and can be used to change the atmosphere in a room. Depending on the type of diffuser installed, you can soften the light to create a warm ambiance in your home or focus the light to highlight artwork displayed in the living area.

Some of the most significant benefits of using recessed lighting diffusers are:

Improved Mood And Reduced Strain On Your Eyes

Adding a diffuser to your recessed lights will improve your mood and reduce the strain on your eyes. Long-term exposure to bright LED lights can cause headaches, disrupt sleep, and cause excess stress on your eyes.

By adding a diffuser, you soften the light emitted from the recessed LEDs, which can better your mood and positively affect your eyesight.

Cost-Effective Solution To Improving Recessed Lights

Recessed lighting diffusers are cost-effective and can significantly improve the look and aesthetics of your home. If you have LED recessed lights, they are guaranteed to last long. The diffusers accompanying them will also have an excellent lifespan, especially if they are premium light fixtures.

Creates A Better Ambiance

Since LED and fluorescent lights are not very appealing and can create shadows and unflattering lighting, adding a diffuser creates a welcoming ambiance and makes the room warm and comforting.

A diffuser can also imitate natural light and accentuate the color of the home’s walls, the decor, and focal points.

bedroom with diffused recessed lights
Diffused recessed lights over the bed

Reduced Fatigue

LED lights can make you tired when spending a lot of time under them. Adding a diffuser can lessen the strain on your eyes, which improves your focus and alertness and reduces how tired you feel during the day.

Improves The Effectiveness Of Recessed Lights

Recessed lights work well to emit a good amount of light into any living space, but most times, this light can be too extreme for the room. One of the notable benefits of using a diffuser on your recessed lighting is that it reduces glare and shadows and emits an even amount of light around the room.

When a diffuser is added to recessed lighting, it spreads the light more efficiently and lifts the amount of light, so it’s not just focused on one area.

Increased Productivity

Diffused light helps improve productivity by making it easier to concentrate on tasks. When there is efficient lighting that does not cause strain, fatigue, or impact you negatively, it’s easier to be productive.

Recessed lighting diffusers also help create a space in your home where it is easy to work and complete everyday tasks effectively.