Outdoor Lighting Without Electricity & Wiring

With LED outdoor lighting, your own garden can be illuminated in a beautiful way. But not everywhere is a power socket available or you do not want to lay several underground cables with great effort. Here you will find various ways to illuminate your garden and balcony without electricity and wiring to create a cozy atmosphere.

LED outdoor lighting without electricity

Many people want atmospheric outdoor lighting, but do not have electricity in their garden. One option would be to lay many meters of power cable in the ground and install power outlets at the desired locations. In some situations, this is definitely a solution. But the necessary work for this task is complex and must be carried out by an electrician.

Often there are some reasons against a fixed installation:

  • High effort
  • Expensive installation work
  • House/garden are only rented
  • Garden is in nature without electricity

A good alternative without installation effort are garden lights without the need for electricity.

What does without electricity mean?

The operation of a lamp without electricity is usually meant in a more colloquial way. At most, garden torches, candles or kerosene lamps do not need electricity and still produce light. However, these light sources are based on a combustion process and cannot be easily switched on and off, are not entirely harmless and should always be supervised when lit.

In contrast, LED garden lights, which can be operated without a socket or power connection, are convenient and harmless.

LED lamps without power supply

Modern LEDs require little energy and are still powerful. By combining them with a rechargeable battery or solar cells, a wide variety of garden lights has entered the market. Due to the high efficiency compared to old incandescent lamps, LED lights with battery and solar operation have a very long runtime.

Balcony lighting without electricity

The outdoor lights presented below are often designed primarily for the garden. However, most garden lamps are just as practical for use on the balcony. Very suitable for the balcony are also battery light hoses and solar light chains.

Wireless outdoor lighting

To operate a garden or balcony light without electricity and wiring, the electrical energy must come from somewhere else. Wireless garden lights have an integrated rechargeable battery, which is charged either by a solar panel or a charger. Here you can find an overview of popular outdoor lights with good reviews for atmospheric garden lighting.

Solar garden lights

LED solar lights do not need a fixed power supply. These use solar energy during the day to charge their integrated battery. For optimal charging, the solar lights must be placed in the garden so that the solar cell is not obscured by plants or other objects. Many variants have a ground spike and can be anchored into the ground.


Even without a power connection in the garden or on the balcony you do not have to give up a cozy lighting. Thanks to solar panels and batteries, the energy for the LEDs is charged during the day and is then available in the dark without any external electricity and cables. With the presented LED garden lights you will find some popular solutions for a great atmosphere in the garden.