Low Voltage Landscape Lighting: Your Best Choices

LED garden lighting can be used to set the scene for your own garden at dusk and dawn. Low voltage garden lights can be easily attached to paths, beds, trees and walls. Thanks to 12V low voltage, installation is easy and safe. Here you will find the advantages of low-voltage landscape lights and all infos about common systems and sets.

Low voltage LED landscape lighting

Thanks to modern LED technology, there is a wide range of flood lamps and spotlights for lighting your own garden. This allows you to create a cozy atmosphere even in the dark. In most lighting systems, low-voltage technology works with a voltage of 12V, but there are also systems with 24V on the market. The low-voltage technology allows a safe installation and usage of both systems.

Construction of landscape spotlights

Landscape spotlights in many cases have a small mounting bracket. This allows the spots to be attached to wooden elements in the garden, for example. For plant and bed lighting, the low-voltage spotlights can be screwed onto a ground spike. This way they can be easily anchored in the ground.

Low-voltage landscape lighting sets

Low voltage garden lights are usually offered as a set with a defined system. Such a set includes the following components:

  • Low voltage transformer
  • Voltage distributor
  • Connection cable
  • Landscape spotlights
  • Ground spikes

The transformer is connected to an outdoor socket and generates the 12V low voltage from the 110V mains voltage. In some systems, a distributor is connected behind the transformer, where the garden spotlights are plugged in. In other systems, the first LED spotlight is connected directly after the transformer, and after the first spotlight the second, and so on. The low voltage is looped through from spot to spot.

Depending on the length of the cable and the size of the area to be illuminated, sometimes one variant is advantageous and sometimes the other. However, for wide installation sites, many systems have appropriate extensions. A certain number of spotlights and accessories are included in the sets. In addition there are individual extensions offered.

Alternatives to low voltage outdoor lights

In addition to 12V low-voltage garden lighting, there are also landscape lights with 110V mains voltage. These are usually outdoor lights with a higher power, which are less suitable as decorative lights. In addition, increased safety regulations apply here and the system has to be installed by an electrician.

Solar garden lights are another alternative. These charge during the day in sunlight and turn on when it gets dark. Solar lights usually have low power due to the small solar panels and batteries and are quite dim. In addition, solar lights cannot be switched centrally and also age quite quickly.

Advantages of low voltage landscape lights

LED landscape lighting on 12V low voltage basis is widely used and brings many advantages:

  • Easy installation
  • Simple and safe wiring
  • No electrician necessary
  • Waterproof components
  • Redesign at any time
  • Sets can be expanded

Easy installation

LED landscape lights are compact and yet have a high luminous intensity. The spotlights can be easily screwed to wooden partitions or fixed with a ground spike on paths or in flower beds.

Simple and safe wiring

Thanks to safe 12V low voltage technology, the wiring can be done very easily by yourself. Plug & Play connectors are used to connect transformer, power distributor and garden spots. The cables can be easily laid in beds or under walkway slabs without an electrician.

Waterproof components

All components on the low voltage side of a garden lighting kit are generally waterproof. Connectors, cables and garden lights are designed to withstand rain and moisture and can therefore be installed and set up anywhere in the garden.

Redesign at any time

Thanks to the distribution and plug-in systems, individual garden spots can be easily repositioned and placed in a different location. This allows trial and error to find the best positions where the garden lighting appears most effective.

Sets can be expanded

It is recommended to purchase a garden lighting set with all the necessary components. The sets of most well-known manufacturers can be supplemented with additional spotlights if necessary. These can be simply connected to the existing circuit.


LED landscape lights allow you to beautifully highlight your own garden in the dark. With the common sets you can start placing the first landscape spots into your garden with little to no time. Thanks to the 12V low-voltage technology and the use of plug & play systems, the garden spotlights can be easily installed without the need to hire an electrician.