Emergency Battery Lighting For Your Home

Compared to other countries, the United States have a very secure power supply. Nevertheless, there are many regional power outages every year and even a large-scale blackout does not seem impossible. To not be left in the dark in case of a power outage, the purchase of LED emergency lighting is recommended. Here you can find different variants for an emergency light in case of a power failure.

Emergency lighting in case of a power failure

Even if there is a very secure power supply in your country, a technical failure or an interruption in the supply network can always happen. The purchase of proper emergency lighting is generally a very good idea so that you are literally not left in the dark in case of a power failure.

Emergency lighting with rechargeable battery

In case of a power failure, any lamp that works independently of the mains voltage has a huge advantage. At least a flashlight should be present in every household. Modern flashlights with LED technology are available with reasonable brightness as well as a long burn time.

Which variant as an emergency light?

Whether a flashlight, a lantern or rather a handheld spotlight is the best choice depends on your own taste. Flashlight and handheld spotlight emit light from one side, a lantern usually shines in all directions.

Emergency light with battery or rechargeable battery?

Emergency lights with standard batteries (type AA/Mignon) usually have a lower output than lights with a high-performance rechargeable battery. On the other hand, the batteries can be easily replaced when they run out. Emergency lights with built-in lithium batteries, on the other hand, usually have a longer burn time.

Lamp with emergency light function

Some lamps have an automatic emergency light function. Provided the emergency light is in the charging station, the light turns on automatically in the event of a power failure. This means you don’t have to fumble around your home looking for the emergency light in the dark.

Emergency light with dynamo

At the latest in a blackout lasting for several days, the battery will eventually run out and the batteries used up. To be provided for this case, you can buy an emergency light with an integrated hand generator. The integrated battery can be recharged at any time via a crank handle. With such an emergency light you are completely independent.

Combination devices with emergency light

There are some interesting combination devices which, in addition to the emergency light function, also have an FM radio and a power bank. In an emergency situation, the radio can be used to receive important messages about the situation and the power bank can continue to supply the cell phone. The integrated battery can be charged via USB or, in an emergency, by solar panel or crank dynamo.

Candles as an emergency solution

If the batteries of the emergency light are empty or it does not work for other reasons, the good old candle is still an emergency solution. Of course, candles are darker than most emergency lights, but in the event of a long power outage, candlelight is still better than sitting completely in the dark.

Candles and matches have no expiration date, so it doesn’t hurt to store a small supply in a dry place. A good recommendation are tealights with a long burning time.

Additions to emergency lighting

Emergency lighting at least provides light again in the event of a power outage. However, if a blackout lasts several days, the lack of power creates even more challenges. Without electricity, no electric stove, refrigerator or freezer will work. Even the TV stays off and the smartphone battery eventually runs out.

This is problematic because it is no longer possible to receive information about the situation from official sources. No one knows to what extent such an emergency situation can actually occur in your country. But some people can sleep more peacefully after making provisions for an unexpected crisis situation.

Cooking without electricity

In order to be able to cook hot food even in the event of a power failure, it can be useful to purchase a gas stove from the camping sector. Of course, a supply of gas cartridges should also be considered. Attention: Many gas stoves may not be operated in closed rooms. It is essential to follow the safety instructions for the appliance in question.

Emergency food

If you fear a shortage in food supply in addition to a long-term blackout, you can equip yourself in advance with appropriate long-term food as emergency rations.

Battery-powered radio

In the event of a power outage lasting several days, the television and stereo system will remain off and the cell phone battery will also run out at some point. In such an emergency situation a battery-operated radio is useful, with which one can receive information about the situation from official places.


Emergency lighting is a useful purchase for the next power failure. Thanks to LED technology, there is a wide range of emergency lights with good brightness and long lighting duration on the market. It is impossible to predict how likely it is that a blackout lasting several days will be caused by a disruption or other unexpected catastrophe. Depending on your own safety needs, you should take appropriate precautions.