Best 20 Christmas Lighting Ideas

It’s never too early to look for festive ways to light up your home with Christmas lights. Whether you want to compete with your neighbor who has the best Christmas lighting displays every year or want to add a bit more festive spirit to your home, we’ve got the best Christmas lighting ideas to help you decorate and liven up your home.

1. Unique Christmas Tree Light

Creating a Christmas tree with fairy lights is an excellent alternative to keeping a regular Christmas tree. If you have a cozy home, a Christmas tree made from fairy lights is a perfect option to save space, and you can also add your special decorative touch by adding ornaments to the tree.

Christmas tree with string lights

A Christmas tree with fairy lights is primarily a DIY Christmas light project but is so versatile it can be used indoors and outdoors. Create a lit-up Christmas tree on the porch as a decorative feature near the entrance of your home or indoors in your living room.

2. Festive Curtain Lights

Curtain lights can liven up any home and be used all year round, not just for Christmas. Curtain lights are the perfect indoor lighting solution if you’re looking for festive lighting to light up your windows.

Curtain lights are easy to install and come with various options. Warm lights are classic and add a comforting ambiance to your home, while colorful led curtain lights can liven up your windows and create a statement without additional lighting.

3. Twinkling Tea Lights

Tea lights are affordable and not limited to decorations for your Christmas table. Tea lights can be placed in jars and put along your staircase as Christmas decorations. Placing tea lights in Christmas-themed tea light holders can be used to decorate your mantel.

twinkling tea lights on Christmas table

Another popular mantel lighting display is a miniature Christmas village decorated with battery-operated tea lights. A mantel display is a fun way to decorate the interior of your home for Christmas and add a little more magic to your mantel.

4. Fun Christmas Projector Lights

Outdoor Christmas lights can be a real challenge. All the wiring and setting up are exhausting, and if you’re a newbie at Christmas lighting, then projector lights may be just the lighting you’re looking for. Projector lights can make your home festive without going through a challenging setup.

You can reflect Christmas projector lights all around your home or in a single spot. In addition, projector lights can reflect various images like snowflakes, stars, and Christmas characters. Most projector lights have additional features like swaying and rotating, so the display moves around. Some may come with different patterns so that you can set rotating displays throughout the festive season.

5. Light It Up With Lanterns

Lanterns are moveable decorative lights that can be themed with Christmas displays or plain and simple in design. For a modern Christmas look, add lanterns to the corners of your home with some warm white candles.

lanterns with Christmas displays

If you don’t like using candles, you could opt for LED lanterns. Battery-powered or solar-powered lanterns can be used outdoors to illuminate the pathway to your home. Lanterns come in various materials, including wood, metal, and glass. With a touch of light, these designs can add elegance and warmth to your home this Christmas.

6. Lovely LED String Lights

LED string lights are easily one of the most widely used lights for decorating a home for Christmas. LED string lights can be wrapped around big trees in your yard, wrapped around your fence, and along your roof.

LED string light curtain

A few good ways to decorate your home indoors with LED string lights include wrapping them around the top of your staircase, placing them in glass jars with Christmas décor, and using them to decorate your Christmas tree.

7. Starry Starry Night Lights

Star-themed LED lights are decorative lights used to decorate your home indoors and outdoors. This type of light is excellent for decorating big and small spaces and illuminating windows. Star-themed LED lights can also come with various settings allowing you to change the lighting display.

star-themed decorative lights

Star-themed lights can also create a stunning wall display. Look for lights that have a combination of stars that are different sizes with other little LEDs. The combination of multiple lights in this type of design will be more alluring.

8. Colorful Christmas Spheres

Christmas spheres are bright and colorful and can add extra color to your Christmas lighting displays. With Christmas spheres, you have two options; you could create them yourself or purchase them. Christmas spheres are essentially large circular-shaped balls outlined with lights. Some spheres have gaps between rows of light, while others are just big balls of light.

Large colorful Christmas spheres can be placed in your front yard either in a pattern, straight row, or sporadically depending on the size of your yard. Christmas spheres look even brighter and more illuminated in the snow if it’s snowing.

9. Welcoming Wreath Lights

A Christmas wreath is a classic Christmas decoration and is not limited to decorating your front door. Christmas wreaths are mostly circular with small lights but can be longer with multiple fairy lights wrapped around them.

welcome wreath for front door

Christmas wreaths can be used outdoors to outline your windows and door or as the focal piece on your front door. If you have stairs outdoors, you can also adorn the staircase railing with a beautiful wreath.

Indoors, Christmas wreaths can be placed around your mantle, at the top of hallways, and as part of the table décor.

10. Beautiful Bauble Lights

Baubles are not just for Christmas trees but can also be used as decorative lighting. Christmas bauble lights come in various designs, from snowmen to reindeer to Santa and his elves. Most bauble lights are singular, but you could also purchase a string of bauble lights.

Bauble string lights are mainly used indoors and work well when placed above a window. Singular baubles can be placed on coffee tables or hung from the roof to create a magical Christmas wonderland.

Have a few extra bowls? Create a stunning centerpiece with Christmas-themed baubles, and place them on side tables or use them to fill extra space with soft Christmas lighting.

11. Creative Christmas Themed Character Lights

Character lights can help you create a magical Christmas display. Character lights like reindeer, Santa, his sleigh, stars, snowmen, and other characters can create an inviting Christmas scene outdoors. These lights work best where there is ample space to space them out so they don’t become too overwhelming.

Most outdoor character lights are LED or solar-powered. These lights may require more time to set up, but they are very festive and can help create a stunning Christmas wonderland theme. You could use a few reindeer and a sleigh on your front lawn or add two smaller reindeer on your porch for a smaller display.

12. Lovely Letter Lights

Marquee letter lights are singular LED lights that you can use on a feature wall in your home. In addition, bigger letter lights can be placed on your lawn as a fun decorative element to add a little more joy. Standard word displays include noel, merry Christmas, and joy.

Letter lights are a great addition to any existing Christmas light displays and can even be placed next to the Christmas tree or used as a backdrop for a Christmas photo booth. Letter lights can also be used for other special occasions and come in various hues and colors.

13. Nostalgic Net Lights

Net lights are a convenient alternative to string or curtain LED lights. Net lights are used outdoors and work best when wrapped around trees, columns, and bushes. Net lights also work well on many shapes of bushes, like square and cone bushes.

If you’ve got hedges and bushes and want to add some lighting, then net lighting is a great way to cover the bushes and saves you from wrapping each bush with strings of LED lights. Net lights can be multicolored, white, or even come in color combinations like red and white or blue and white.

This is great for creating a themed outdoor display and can brighten dim areas.

14. Illuminating Icicle Lights

Icicle lights are one of the best types of roof lights for Christmas. Icicle lights are popular and are usually used in roof awnings, peaks, windows, and overhangs. Some are standard white icicle lights, but others may be multicolored or have various display options.

White icicle lights give that dreamy effect to your Christmas display, while the multicolored lights are playful and inviting. Icicle lights can be strung across the entire outline of your roof or just across certain sections or the front of your roof if you want a more minimalistic display.

15. Bright And Bold Outdoor Color Lighting Display

Christmas lights don’t have to be just white. There are many types of color lights available to decorate your home. Outdoor LED lights can be used to light up the roof, cascade down from the roof, and even light up a pathway to your front door.

Colorful Christmas lights can create an archway or be shaped into Christmas-themed objects like a Christmas tree. Bright Christmas lights can also be wrapped around lamp posts, trees, and fences to liven up your Christmas display.

16. Creative Christmas Trees

If you’ve ever decorated your home with Christmas lights, you’ve probably wrapped your trees with lights too. Wrapping your trees in lights is a simple way to decorate your yard.

You can wrap lights from the tree trunk around the tree branches or wrap them around the tree trunk. Adding lights to your trees will add a little more sparkle and will grab attention. Depending on the length of the lights used to wrap a tree, you may need more than one set of LED lights for each tree.

17. Elegant Archway Lights

Christmas-inspired archways are perfect for large driveways or spacious lawns. Creating the ideal Christmas archway includes various elements, from simple LED lights to adding a few Christmas characters.

archway lights for large driveways

Christmas archways are usually made of metal structures and then wrapped with lights. Simple archways can have just a few strings of Christmas lights, while others can have elaborate designs with bows, baubles, stars, and snowflakes.

You can create Christmas archways with light-up snowmen or other Christmas characters. Inflatable archways with lights are easy to set up and look festive in any outdoor space. Inflatable Christmas arches also have various themes and colors, adding more imagination to your outdoor Christmas display.

18. Gorgeous Christmas Garlands

Christmas garlands are versatile and perfect for indoors and outdoors. Christmas garlands are usually intertwined with string lights but can also be purchased plain, and you could wrap them in LED lights and use them to decorate and light up your home.

Light-up garlands can be hung over cupboards or above them or placed in the center of your Christmas table. In addition, you can add garlands outside your house along your door frame and windows for soft lighting.

Christmas garlands can be plain or decorated with pine cones, bows, and reindeer.

19. Stunning Snowfall Lights

Snowfall lights are LED lights in a tube-like structure that mimics falling snow. Snowfall lights usually come in blue and white but can also be multicolored. Snowfall lights are used outdoors and attached to a tall tree to add a falling snow effect.

This enchanting light feature can create a whimsical feel to your Christmas display, and many snowfall lights have built-in special effects to make them more realistic.

20. Cute Candy Cane Lights

Candy cane lights are entertaining and nostalgic. These lights come in all different sizes and designs and can be used alongside a pathway, outside the front door, and scattered on the front lawn. Candy cane lights work well in snow-filled spaces and look even more attractive when reflected off the snow.

LED candy cane lights can be used indoors, wrapped around the Christmas tree, or on a feature wall. Candy canes are perfect for any Christmas display and are one of the most iconic Christmas decorations.