13 Best Recessed Lighting Ideas For Your Home

As times have changed, so have people’s homes and how they light them up. For the most part, modern homes have transitioned away from massive light fixtures or simply practical lighting to a more modern-minimalist feel that allows you to use your lighting to create or change the mood of your rooms.

Recessed lighting is one of the best alternatives and a great way to build your house’s atmosphere. This type of lighting allows you to focus less on the light itself and more on the primary features of a room. Below are some great ways to use this lighting in your home.

Recessed Lighting Ideas For Your Kitchen

Not only is the kitchen of a house usually a big talking point, but it is also an area that requires thought when installing lighting. Though you can light up your kitchen in many different ways, including using a combination of recessed lights and other lights, it is one of the best places to get a little creative.

If you’re looking to enhance the mood of your kitchen or need to be sure you can see what you’re chopping, the lighting ideas below will get your creativity going.

1. Light Up The Working Areas

One of the most incredible ways to light up your kitchen is by installing recessed lights above the areas where you need to see what you’re doing. One example of doing this is placing lights above the kitchen island to allow you enough light to see while also highlighting the beautiful countertop.

recessed lights above working area in kitchen

There can be several different focus points or working areas in your kitchen that you may want to highlight with recessed lights, such as the stove, countertops, or even a cabinet.

2. Use Recessed Lighting For Ambient Lighting

If you don’t want to focus on any specific points of your kitchen, you can also use recessed lights as general ambient lighting that will allow you to see throughout the kitchen without creating any focus points.

Most of the time, this gets accomplished by creating a pattern of recessed lights that highlights the entire area rather than specific points.

Recessed Lighting Ideas For Your Living Room

The living room of your house is another area where lighting is essential, especially since it is likely where you can entertain guests and where you may spend more time. With this in mind, recessed lights can help you show off your living room or create an atmosphere you won’t want to leave.

3. Liven Up Your Living Room

One of the first things you may think about when considering what to do with recessed lighting in your living room is using it to create a more lively atmosphere. You can do this in various, but one of the best is by using lights with a more natural color and installing them around the room, but not too close to the wall.

recessed lights above sofa in living room

By keeping the recessed lights away from the wall, you can light up the room with a comforting glow without creating focus points on the wall from directed recessed lights.

4. Create Different Areas Using Lighting

Another great way to use recessed lights, especially if your living room is on the bigger side, is by creating different areas. You can do this by installing recessed lights above specific living room spaces to light up certain activities without creating a bright room throughout.

One example is highlighting the area where you can sit and lounge with one set of lights and the television area with another set of lights. You can also use a more considerable recessed light instead of a group of smaller lights to accomplish this.

5. Highlight The Art In Your Living Room

If you have some art hanging in your living room or have some cabinets with trophies or memories, you can use recessed light to attract attention to those specific points. This lighting method is usually closer to the wall and creates a light-up area under your installation.

Recessed Lighting Ideas For Your Bedroom

Whether you want to create a lighting effect that allows you to unwind and sleep easier or want to spruce up your bedroom, allowing for some romantic lighting, you can’t go wrong with recessed lights. There are many ways to change the mood of your bedroom with lights, but here are some of the best ideas for using recessed lights.

6. Bedside Lighting

For more extensive bedrooms or master bedrooms with more than one party, bedside lighting can be a great way to use recessed lights while allowing you to control the light levels without leaving your bed.

recessed lights as bedside lighting

Though this is less traditional than the lamps commonly found on both sides of the bed, it is a great way to light up specific areas of your room without harsh light.

7. Create Some Romantic Glow

Another great way to use recessed lighting in your bedroom, and create a romantic atmosphere, is by using longer recessed lights that you can dim. Though this is a popular lighting method for a bedroom with an indented middle ceiling, you can use this to line the walls or highlight certain sections of your room.

In addition, the fact that the lights can dim is a great way to create a romantic atmosphere if you wish.

8. Add More Ambient Light

Though dimming lights can be a great way to spruce up your bedroom, it’s not something everyone wants. However, there are other ways to use recessed lighting in your bedroom by installing it to create more of a natural glow and ambient light.

recessed lights combined with ambient lighting

Though most recommend still using the longer form of recessed lights instead of the more directed circle lights, you can do this with almost any type of recessed light.

By installing your lights away from the walls but not in the center of your room, you should be able to accomplish this reassuring glow effect that can help soothe you and create a calm atmosphere.

Recessed Lighting Ideas For Your Bathroom

Though it can be a primarily practical room, the lighting in your bathroom is no less crucial than anywhere else in your house. Whether you want to create the perfect glow for a long bath or highlight the tilework or colors, the ideas below will spark creativity.

9. Light Up Your Shared Bathroom The Right Way

Though it may not be as familiar, one significant new trend you will notice in many redone or new houses is the addition of a dual sink in the primary or master bedroom’s en-suite bathroom. These double sinks are the perfect place to add recessed lighting, especially if the mirror gets used for applying makeup.

bathroom with recessed and ambient lighting

One great way to add some recessed lighting here is by adding a separate light above each of the basins, though it may be best to do it in such a way that it doesn’t cause a shadow on the face.

10. Light Up Your Bath Or Shower

Recessed lights are perfect for both, whether you want to add a romantic glow to the shower or add lights that allow you to relax while soaking in the bath. To add some flair to the shower, adding a long recessed light above or above the glass walls can add to the atmosphere and create a romantic feeling.

recessed lights above bath and shower

In addition, adding some recessed dimming lights above the bath, especially the type that gives off more natural light, can be a great way to create a relaxing atmosphere without candles, perfect for your next soak.

11. Go The Practical Minimalist Route

If the bathroom to you is simply a place to get clean and get out, you may want to go the practical minimalist route. This route involves adding recessed lights along the center of your bathroom to ensure it is all light-up with white light and feels clean.

There is no need to overdo the lighting either; a few big recessed lights should be able to light up your entire bathroom without being overbearing.

Other Recessed Lighting Ideas

Though the ideas above discussed some of the best ways to use recessed lighting in different rooms, there are also other areas where you can use recessed lights to add a more welcoming feel. Below are some additional ways to use recessed lights in your house.

12. Light Up Your Entryway

Few things are as welcoming as a natural orange glow when you open your front door. Luckily this is another way recessed lights can help.

entryway with single recessed light

Using longer strip recessed lights that give off a shade of orange, similar to natural light, is a great way to enhance your mood when you get home. You can add these lights along your entryway walls or one in the middle to achieve a similar effect.

13. Light Up Photos In Hallways

It is not uncommon to see family photos hanging in the hallways of houses, though it may be hard to see them if the light isn’t good enough. If you have family photos to show off, consider adding some recessed lights above the images to light up the hallways and add some focus to your photos.